Branding 100 Years of Heritage for a Technology Leader


Branding 100 Years of Heritage for a Technology Leader

Curtiss-Wright Defence Solutions, a renowned name in the defence industry, required a comprehensive branding toolkit and guidelines to ensure consistency, clarity, and impact in their communication. Our team took on the challenge to create a robust and flexible branding framework that encapsulates the company's ethos, values and vision.

Bosworth & Sons and its rival, Rockwell Office Solutions, once stood as separate pillars in the world of office consumables.

Their histories were marked by unparalleled dedication and a shared commitment to delivering top-quality products. However, a new chapter would merge these two industry leaders into a unified force of innovation and distinction.


The merger of Bosworth & Sons and Rockwell brought forth an exciting opportunity, but it also presented a formidable challenge. As two distinct brands converged, it became evident that a new identity was essential to reflect their collective strength and carve a niche in the ever-evolving marketplace. The task at hand was to create a logo design that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of both companies while revitalising their image for the 21st century.

Bosworth & Sons


Our team of visionary strategists, designers, and brand experts embarked on a journey to reinvent RBS Paper Supplies. With unwavering dedication, they immersed themselves in the essence of each brand, meticulously dissecting their values, strengths, and aspirations. Through intensive collaboration, they crafted a transformative solution that honoured the past while propelling the brand into the future.

The solution encompassed a complete logo design and rebranding effort, breathing new life into RBS Paper Supplies. A fresh visual identity was meticulously created, capturing the essence of innovation, reliability, and forward-thinking whilst paying homage to the industry from which they were born. The logo was carefully crafted, combining elements of the original brands to symbolize the harmonious union and create a powerful visual representation of the merged entity.



The transformative rebranding efforts undertaken by RBS Paper Supplies yielded impressive results. These quantifiable measures highlighted the impact and success of the project, solidifying the brand’s position in the marketplace. 

Brand Recognition.

Brand recognition and awareness increased substantially following the rebranding initiative. Independent market research indicated a 25% rise in brand recognition among target audiences, showcasing the brand’s improved visibility and impact in the industry.


Market Penetration:

Following the rebrand, RBS Paper Supplies experienced a notable increase in market penetration, expanding its customer base by 20% within the first year. This growth demonstrated the brand’s enhanced appeal and ability to attract new customers.


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